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Learning Resources

Free Learning Resources

Here are some free learning resources for you to use for your kids to make sure they still get some learning in during this time. Some we have used over the years homeschooling and others I really want to check out because, well they sound amazing!

Science, Math, & Social Studies for K-12 students


Boddle Learning – offers elementary math through 6th grade.

Khan Academy – great if your kids are struggling in an area or you just want them to stay on track with schooling. I have used this for my girls, especially when my older one is doing something new that I don’t understand. Their explanations have helped both of us learn new things and I just love their site.

Prodigy – Oh this one….this one my girls LOVED!!! They still play it and love how it is designed like a game. They have to actually solve problems to move forward and to battle monsters. The best part for the kids is they can try and capture new monsters for pets or level up the ones they have. It’s like Pokeman but with math. This is completely free!


Chemistry for high school – here they cover multiple chemistry concepts.

Hands on elementary Science – Teach hands-on elementary  science without the overwhelm.

Mystery Doug – This is offering a starter list of things to do with k-5 science lessons. They are offering it for free right now with no sign-up or login required.

National Geographic – offers games, videos, check out different types of animals, and explore different topics.

San Diego Zoo – It has animals, videos, stories, activities, and games.

Writing & Grammar:

Classroom Cereal – Grammar practice in printable short stories.


ABC Mouse – Currently offering free 30-day trial.

Scholastic Learn at Home – They are offering lessons free for people right now. There are day-by-day projects for the kids from Pre-k up to grades 6+.

Squiggle Park – It has a fun colorful layout with fun characters to draw them in. It is combining strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun, curriculum-aligned literacy game! There are two different options you have based on your child’s age. You can choose Squiggle Park for ages 3-8+ or Dreamscape for ages 8-15+. It has a dashboard where you can track your child’s progress as well. Best part is it is free!!


History for Kids – allows the kids to study Egypt, Middle Ages, Greece, Rome, Asia, China, and America. There are also quizzes and worksheets as well.

Virtual Tours:

Virtual Tour of Yellowstone – I went there once as a kid and it was truly amazing! My girls have not gone yet but I definitely will be doing this with them!! It will show some of the main attractions that are there. My girls watched home videos of us exploring Yellowstone with my grandparents, mom, aunt, and 8 cousins so they want to learn more about this place after watching those.

Surface of Mars – Do you have a kiddo that is obsessed with outerspace? It allows you to move across the surface and go to certain points and click to learn more information about the landing site.

The Louvre – take a virtual tour of their different exhibits and galleries.

British Museum – come see their Great Court, ancient mummies, and discover the Rosetta Stone.

Great Wall – visit the Great Wall of China with your kids .

Carly Hallman has a list of virtual field trips available here at Road Trip From Home: Virtual Field Trips as well! ~ Thank you Skylar from the Kellytown Troop 80 for sharing this link with us 


Dance Mat Typing – It is interactive and fun for kids with the different characters. This is the typing program my girls started on before moving over to Typing Club. This is 100% free.

Typing Club – This is the one I personally used for my girls. They can progress through the typing and win badges. They have over 600 lessons and its free. This will definitely give plenty of lessons in typing for several years depending on how much they do in a given week.


123Homeschool4Me – Free printables for your kiddos Pre-K through Highschool

Teachers Pay Teachers – Offers so many different lessons and subjects! Some cost money but there are also really good free ones you can do with your kids. They have resources for grades PreK all the way through 12th grade.