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Keep it moving!

With everything that is going on right now and schools here being cancelled for 6 weeks we thought we would help you mama’s out by sharing activities that you can do with your kids to burn off their energy! Here are some fun ideas below:

I know it may fall under more of a science but I just wanted to put it here because my girls viewed this as a crafty little project and got really into it.  I have been saving seed packets over the past few years from just buying things to getting them in Burgerville happy meals.  Finally we went live with you guys and planted them with you. My girls had so much fun doing it and they had to read the packets to figure out the best time to plant, as well as how far under the dirt they needed to plant the seeds. This is something that would be great to do with the kids and talk about gardening, how to help them grow, and how we can take care of them in order to reap the benefits when they start growing food for us.

Create an obstacle course in your home or backyard for the kids to do. It’s time to pull out all the stops…or rather couch cushions, boxes, cones, string, tape and streamers you can spare! This is always something kids really enjoy doing and can be lots of fun as well as getting rid of their crazy wiggles. Even older kids may enjoy something like this, I know my girls would.

My girls are really into Crossfit because their Aunt does it so we have been doing kids Crossfit WODS. This is one they did yesterday and they actually asked me to find one for them! Before they did these the girls got some weights (don’t worry they were light) and did laps in our backyard as well.

Maybe your kids aren’t into those types of workouts or maybe they are just younger and are looking for something that’s not as strict with a workout laid out. That is totally ok too! What about finding their favorite music or yours and doing a dance party with them?? My girls love it when I do this and get goofy dancing around the house. It’s when I do it in public that they have an issue with it! Apparently it’s embarrassing to have your mom busting a move to music while she is in the middle of her Crossfit class.

If you are like us and you get too out of breath from blowing balloons up that you skip the rest of them then you should be set! Something to get everyone involved is playing Balloon Volleyball. There are only 3 of us but it is still something fun we can do together to get moving.

Have an egg race! Find a big room or even go outside and do this with your family. You could do this in your backyard or if you live in apartments just find open grass to do it on. Get some plastic eggs or if you are feeling adventurous you can use real ones… We use the plastic eggs and put something in them to add a little weight so they don’t fly off super easy.

Kids are always up for a fun game of Simon says. You can always add in laps to this too to get more energy out. Maybe even come up with something they have to do to work together for it as well. One idea for a teamwork activity with this is having them do push-ups and slap each others hands when they get to the top. Maybe see if they can do partner squats with their backs against each other. Add in some silly ones as well to keep it fun! My girls love doing this and seeing what they can do…I won’t even tell you about our crazy 8 cousin push-up line we did with the kids last Thanksgiving…